Meet Our Team:

Aaron Hill-

Rarely in life do we get an opportunity to champion a great cause or make the world a better place for future generations, but it’s all in a day’s work for Aaron Hill. Known for his ability to understand and evaluate complex technical data, the PV Systems Designer is responsible for crafting some of the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions for Hannah Solar. Aaron is integral to the residential and commercial solar build-out process by overseeing its progression from initial quote – through project completion, and acceptance. The demands of his job require an elevated competency in solar engineering and software analysis, as well as the ability to maneuver around certain obstacles throughout the construction phase. Most would agree that Aaron Hill is certainly up to the task.

As a young student in Smithfield, North Carolina, Aaron had a natural inclination towards math related topics and, over time, developed a fondness for solar power and renewable energy. Trusting that solar would be the way of the future, he enrolled at Appalachian State University where he majored in Sustainable Technology and landed his first job with a small residential solar installation company upon graduation. Over the past several years, Aaron has worked tirelessly to expand his knowledge and excel as a systems designer by using some of the most sophisticated software programs available. While he is passionate about solar and delivering work that truly makes a difference, Aaron is equally committed to his family and strives to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

Inspired by his wife, Autumn, his parents, and other family members, Aaron relies on his adventurous spirit to push ordinary limits, try new things, and enjoy all that life has to offer. He loves hiking and traveling and hopes to someday visit Alaska, the western region of Canada, and Southern Europe to explore some of the world’s highest peaks. When he’s not watching sports or playing cards with friends in Athens, Aaron may be out playing ultimate frisbee, picking up spares at the bowling alley, or simply creating art through his love for woodworking. Whatever the day may bring, there is little doubt his beloved dog Honey will be somewhere close or faithfully by his side.

Aaron Hill is an important resource for Hannah Solar, and we value his experience, dedication, and commitment to being the best solar PV Systems Designer in the business! Contact us today to find out more about what he can do for you!

PV Systems Designer
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