Meet Our Team:

Dominique Riley-

Hannah Solar is proud to announce a new member of our team, Dominique Riley, who joins us as our Administrative Coordinator. With her dynamic personality and dedication to excellence, Dominique is set to play a vital role in overseeing our day-to-day administrative operations.

Growing Up in Griffin, Georgia

Originally from Griffin, Georgia, Dominique infuses our team with a delightful dash of Southern charm. Her buoyant demeanor and meticulous customer service skills enrich every interaction. Raised in a tight-knit community, she embodies the principles of integrity, diligence, and perseverance instilled by her upbringing.

From Legal Tech to Solar Energy

Before embarking on her journey with Hannah Solar, Dominique worked in the legal tech industry. However, her passion for innovation and sustainability led her to the dynamic field of solar energy. The rapid growth and potential for positive impact within the solar industry attracted Dominique, making Hannah Solar an ideal fit for her aspirations.

A Passion for Growth and Resilience

Dominique’s commitment to personal growth and resilience is evident in her professional journey. She credits her mentor, Kayla Gottschalk, for guiding her through pivotal moments in her career. With a determination to be better than the day before, Dominique is driven by the desire to set a stellar example for her daughters.

A Taste for Adventure

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dominique is a self-proclaimed foodie with an adventurous palate. Whether she’s exploring new eateries or recreating flavors in her own kitchen, Dominique delights in the culinary arts. Her love for travel also extends to her bucket list destination: Thailand.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for Success

Dominique has a bright future in the solar industry. Her blend of extroverted energy and introspective insight equips her for success, where she hopes to inspire others to embrace change and seize opportunities.

The Essence of Dominique Riley

Described by her friends as loyal, vibrant, and undoubtedly humorous, Dominique embodies a perfect blend of professionalism and approachability. As an ambivert, she thrives in both social interactions and moments of solitude, where she finds solace in recharging her spirits.

In welcoming Dominique Riley to the Hannah Solar family, we anticipate a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and positive impact. With her passion for growth, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Dominique is poised to shine brightly in her role and contribute significantly to our collective success.

Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]
404.609.7005 Ext. 106