Battery Storage

The power to take control

A battery storage system integrated with you PV solar array will give you the ability to control when and how you use your energy. Storing energy will keep you in control even when mother nature is not. You manage your peace of mind and your savings.

Why Battery Storage

Compliment your Solar Investment

Many people assume that a solar array continues to produce energy during a blackout, however that is not the case. For safety purposes your array will shutdown when it doesn’t detect grid power leaving you in the dark. However, adding an energy storage system will keep the lights on and the solar producing to keep you up and running.

Benefits of Battery Storage

Manage your energy and savings with the addition of battery storage.


Combine solar and storage to power your home independently from the grid

Backup Power

Protect your home from a power outage with solar and storage

Solar Self-Consumption

Batteries store the sun’s energy to use this clean energy around the clock


Lower your electric bill by using more of your own solar

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Battery storage is a smart investment that will integrate with your solar array so you can manage your energy and savings.

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