GREENVILLE, SC (May 9, 2017)— Fiberglass composite manufacturer, Vetroresina, LLC, recently partnered with Hannah Solar on two solar arrays atop their facility in Greenville. Combined, the 639 kilowatt (kW) systems produce 178% of the electrical needs of the facility, making Vetroresina a net-positive manufacturer.

“This isn’t Vetroresina’s first time investing in solar—our headquarters in Italy has a 1.3 megawatt (MW) array,” said Vetroresina’s CEO, Elena Colombarini. “The energy savings, capital improvement, tax credits and our positive experience with solar in the past made it an easy decision.”

The array was installed in conjunction with Duke Energy’s Solar Rebate Program, which creates a 3-year payback for the system. The solar energy produced by the system is equivalent to the energy needed for 63 homes.

“Hannah Solar considers Vetroresina to be true manufacturing solar pioneers,” said Evan Becka, Business Development Manager for Hannah Solar. “Large industry represents over 30% of global energy demand and Vetroresina’s commitment to renewable energy preserves natural resources and it also improves the company’s competitiveness in a global economy.”


Vetroresina LLC has produced FRP fiberglass panels since 1960. Vetroresina’s Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic laminates are extremely versatile products resulting from years of experience and advanced technology. They are ready to meet the market’s latest needs and are ideal for use in many fields of application: from recreational vehicles to industrial and commercial trucks, from cold rooms to the construction industry and from doors to signage.