For those who haven’t noticed – solar isn’t just for rooftops anymore. Growing demand for more power, in more places, is forcing companies to look for innovative ways to meet the evolving needs of the consumer. Those needs have certainly changed over the past few years as COVID-19 has significantly altered our way of life and influenced our social interaction. Some may be surprised to learn that recent trends suggest the pandemic may have done more to advance the adoption of solar power and energy storage solutions than any other factor in years.


The answer is simple – people are moving outdoors – and they are taking their electronic devices with them. This cultural shift has opened the door for adventurous companies to seek out new ways of providing localized exterior power.

Amenities such as solar pavilions, solar canopies, and solar umbrellas are becoming more and more desirable as developers, building managers, and even restaurant owners, recognize just how beneficial they are to consumers. These new solar structures provide shelter, shade, and device charging capability as well as locally generated power at a fraction of the cost when compared to local utility companies. While saving money is aways a priority in today’s economy, the growing movement toward special purpose infrastructure is fueled more by the end-user’s desire to provide new options that are functional, durable, inspirational, and of course…attractive.

Hannah Solar is not only an industry leader in renewable energy resources, we are also well-positioned to answer the call for local businesses and municipalities looking for options that are “beautifully practical”. One of those calls came from Perimeter Summit – a master-planned, mixed-use land development whose managing partners were looking to add an outdoor office environment powered by green energy. The stunning landmark, conveniently located in the heart of Atlanta’s Central Perimeter market, is nestled on 83 acres of lush green space, and offers apartment homes, a hotel, and nearly 1.7 million square feet of premier Class A office space.

In May of 2021, our company partnered with Holder Construction subcontractor, Miller Electric, to deliver an impressive 14.4-kilowatt solar system with 15.2 kW per hour energy storage. The inspiring new deployment – completely off-grid – is made up of two large Lumos solar canopies that feed into a Simpliphi battery array capable of producing 20,000 kWh per year of risk-free, renewable energy. The canopies feature beautiful ambient lighting, are well equipped with power receptacles for device charging, and compliment the existing green space to provide a flexible, enjoyable, and relaxing environment for Perimeter Summit’s residents and patrons.

Hannah Solar is extremely proud of its role in this expansion project and delighted to know that Perimeter Summit now has a visually appealing and sustainable amenity to help them attract and retain tenants for years to come.